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    === Flashcards of the future! ===
    Can’t keep track of all your flashcards?
    Can’t find the deck you need when you need it?
    Is it a pain carrying flashcards wherever you go?
    iAnki makes these problems a thing of the past!

    Anki is the Japanese word for “To learn by heart”,
    and with iAnki, that is exactly what you will be doing!

    iAnki is a flashcard application with a comprehensive learning algorithm developed based on neuroscience research, to ensure learning effectiveness. Whether you need to cram for tomorrow’s math text, you are studying to become a doctor, or you want to learn a foreign language, iAnki will help you to achieve your goal.

    === What’s great about iAnki!!! ===
    Neuroscience based memorization algorithm!
    No need to worry about keeping track of progress or remembering where you left off in your studies. iAnki takes care of all of this for you in a way that ensures you get the most out of your precious time.

    Tweet your progress to gain motivation!
    Show off to your friends, family and followers by letting them know how you are doing with your memorization. The more you memorize, the stronger your image grows. To preserve your new and improved image, the more you’ll want to study! It’s an unstoppable cycle of learning that your friends are bound to follow!

    Amazing online resources for your convenience!
    At, you have access to a whole range of useful tools that allow you to:
    - Create decks
    - Edit decks
    - Add images to cards
    - Organize deck layout and order
    - Sync with your mobile device
    - Access to the iAnki Market!!!
    in a fun and simple way.

    iAnki Market!
    The iAnki Market is an online market that provides a simple way for you to exchange flashcard decks with others. For more information on this great service, check out!

    === What the users are saying! ===
    “Right around the time I forget a card, it comes back up in the rotation! This system is awesome!”

    “Its convenient to be able to study between gaps while doing other things!”

    “I downloaded iAnki to my Smartphone and now, I take it with me wherever I go!”

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