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    Info of Gun Types

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    Info of Gun Types show you many gun type information! All guns including pistols, rifles, flame throwers and so on can be shown in this app!
    Totally free for all people!
    The new version with new classification standard---By country!
    Now function that can show you the guns pictures---Both small and large!
    More information added in addition to the basic specification info. It is even detail than wiki for some guns!

    It is important for everyone to know the guns information! And you should have a guns lesson to your children now! As we all know, guns has great power and if you do not use them carefully, it may hurt others easily! To avoid this problem and let your children leave far from them. You should let them know them better and reduce their curious!

    1. All types of guns can be find in it: pistols, machine guns, battle rifles...
    2. Tell you the eras of guns in standard of two world war.
    3. If you what to search one country's most typical gun. You can search according to countries. We offer you seven countries which including Finland, Italy, Soviet Union...
    4. There are almost 90 gun models in it!
    5. We offer you the pictures of every gun.
    6. It can tell you the information of specifications: weight, width, effective range, number of round and many other basic knowledge.
    7. It will offer you another long pararise to tell you in detail.

    It will not charge you any money and if you download it to your android mobile phone, you will get all knowledge as soon as possible! The exciting guns will offer you an exciting experience and it is same to guns knowledge! If you know them better before using it, you will not feel confused when you need hand a real one. Even you do not touch it in whole life, you can also show you knowledge to friends!

    Now download it and I bet you will love it!
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