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    Pub English is a great helper, and not only in the cheapest pubs. This guide to very – really very – informal English will fill the gaps in your education. They certainly didn’t teach you this in school!

    The Pub English application will give you a window into the vocabularies of British teenagers, yokels, revellers and drunks. But be careful! In Great Britain, going to the pub is a widespread ritual where even “respectables” pick up girls, malign their colleagues, talk up a heap of rubbish, and in the end get completely pissed, and if they’re lucky they even “get it on” with one of the girls. Nor do they forget to complain about their “old ladies” at home, who didn’t want them to come to the pub.

    Thanks to Pub English, you’ll have something to say even in very intimate situations, and with your vocabulary you’ll even trump British bricklayers. Pub English can be unbelievably colourful, after all…

    The application contains:
    * 51 minutes of recordings
    * 897 sentences
    * 8,543 words
    * 1,979 unique words (vocabulary)

    Attention: Contains too much vulgarity – not suitable for juveniles!!!

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