Intense German

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    Can't say much in German? Need to expand your German vocabulary? This app will help you memorize TONS of German words fast! Thanks to its unique methodology, you will be able to learn up to 100 WORDS / DAY!

    The app now comes with a wordlist of over 4000 important German words, including a broad section on German slang. If you memorise all these, your understanding of German is bound to skyrocket. Updates will bring the word count up to over 6000 unique German words, basically all that you might ever need!

    * suitable for absolute beginner, intermediate and advanced students
    * learn words in groups of 7
    * all nouns have correct noun genders indicated
    * review while you learn more
    * select which categories of words you want to learn
    * categories include: Basics, Slang, Professions, Languages, Countries & continents, Numbers, Question words, Words for time, Weather, Family, Emotions, Clothing, Colors, Describing people, Town & outside, Travelling, Body Parts, Eating, Foods, Parts of a house, Furniture, Animals, German 201 words, German 250 words, German 301 words, Advanced words and words for reading fiction and non-fiction.
    * additionally, you can choose to work on just nouns, just verbs, just adjectives, adverbs, or prepositions & conjunctions

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