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    Fascinating facts about animals are so funny! These quick and short facts will amaze you! But they will also help you explore the animal world! You will get surprised when you read some of them; others will make you wonder; and there are lots of weird ones that will make you laugh! Download “Interesting Animal Facts” and have fun reading them with your friends!

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    Learn a lot about various animal species! Something that you have never heard about them will attract your attention and also surprise you. Although we are all familiar with the creatures around us, there is a large list of things that make a particular species specific. It can refer to their characteristics, habits, diet or some specific mating rules. Once you read some of them, you will feel the need to keep up with them and to investigate them more thoroughly.

    A lot of us get surprised when hear something about the domestic animals that we are more familiar with. It would be easier if they could talk; we would know all about their innate needs. However the wild ones, on the other hand are even harder to get familiar with. In order to make all this easier and more available, this app offers a list of short data to read. You can read out everything that is not easy to find out and even to believe in. Once you read them you will probably start asking your friends: “Did you know this”?

    Search through the facts related to the creatures living in oceans or seas. Forests and jungles are also included. You can easily find your favorite one, type in the searching field and you will get everything at one place. Some of the popular ones that people are interested in can be bear or lion. On the other hand birds or insects can attract your attention too. However, some creatures that are not that famous deserve to be mentioned and to come out into the light. People don’t know that much about armadillo for example and there are much more similar species that can be very interesting.

    A lot of attention should be paid on the endangered species as well. Species from Australia, Africa and other continents are included. For example, did you know that melanistic jaguar have been mistakenly called black panthers? Black panthers do not exist. Some of you may also find it interesting that not only do tigers have striped fur, but also striped skin! And did you know the fact that crocodiles swallow stones in order to dive deeper? They’re really clever, huh?

    I bet most of you didn’t know that honeybees never sleep. Like never ever! And Dalmatians are born without black spots, the feature they’re most famous for! Also it’s funny that you will make a cow go upstairs...but it's impossible to lead it downstairs!

    There are more unusual and fun animal facts in this app we made especially for you, animal lovers! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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