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    Explore the world of science and discover most unusual and cool "interesting facts" about physics, chemistry or math! Download 'Interesting Science Facts' free app and you'll never be bored - moreover, you'll gain useful knowledge! Find out the latest news and current events in the field of "scientific research" and discoveries and amuse your friends with OMG facts they didn't know! Take a look at the list of cool and fun info about the latest discoveries and learn new amazing things!
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    This application explores and lists a variety of science news and fascinating scientific data that you probably are unaware of. Natural sciences seek to understand how the world and the universe around us work. They try to explain and demystify the natural world through the objective of gathering and analyzing data so there is extensive information about them. Explore the natural world, biology and medicine, even supernatural phenomena by using 'Interesting Science Facts' app for your mobile phone. Whenever you're bored, you can take a look at the extensive list of weird and random fun science data and spend some quality time discovering new information in the field of your interest.
    Did you know that assuming Rudolph was in front, there are 40320 ways to arrange the other eight reindeer? How cool is that! If you're interested in fun math statistics or interesting information about astrology and astronomy, this application is perfect for you. You want to know the name of the brightest star in the sky? You're interested in the origins of the names of the planets in the Solar System? Find out all you need to know in 'Interesting Science Facts' app.
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    Interested in breaking science news? You want to find out some cool information about latest scientific discoveries and their inventors? If yes, this free app is a perfect choice for you as it offers you an extensive trivia list of fascinating scientific facts covering the natural world, engineering, health and medicine! Use the chance to broaden your knowledge and find out random fun facts about astronomy, biology, mathematics, physics and chemistry. Various cool fun facts are now available for you in a single app, so don't waste your time - download 'Interesting Science Facts' for free and have a great time!

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