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    Whether you are a Nigerian born abroad or traveling to Nigeria for business or pleasure, you will find iSabi™ Igbo application very useful in most situations. Igbo language is a tonal language; words have different meanings depending on how they are pronounced. We teach you Igbo in a fun way!

    Great app! ★★★★★
    by TELTEK35674 - Version 2.6 - Mar 8, 2013
    Excellent app and great customer support!
    ★★★★★ by Bluffwalker "I got iSabi Spanish for my wife, who is a music teacher. The program's approach is similar to learning music..."
    ★★★★★ by SusyQuan "The audio feature is outstanding way to get it right. Practice makes perfect!"

    ☆ Hear each Igbo word or phrase pronounced by a native speaker.
    ☆ Record and playback your own pronunciation of each Igbo phrase.
    ☆ Compare your recordings with the native speaker pronunciations to improve.
    ☆ Gain confidence through fun and relaxed quizzes.
    ☆ Master spoken Igbo by taking our state of the art "iCan Say it!" quizzes.
    ☆ Learn at your own pace.
    ☆ View self contained dictionary/glossary of more than 2,000 words/phrases.
    ☆ Take the dictionary with you on the go (no Internet access required!).
    ☆ Master the most common Igbo nouns and pronouns.
    ☆ See phrases for several situations--including, Everyday phrases, Introductions, Shopping, Directions, Dining, Traveling, Religion, etc.
    ☆ Quickly locate words and phrases with our built-in indexed searches.
    ☆ Bookmark words and phrases for easy access and recall.
    ☆ Create your own study set with the bookmark and notes features. 

    Download the app today and see how easy it is to learn Igbo! Take it with you and practice it on the plane during your next trip.


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    What you Learn:

    Igbo has many dialects and pronunciation variations based on cities and towns. Unlike competing apps, which teach Owerri/Ngwa dialects of Igbo, iSabi™ Igbo is based on Standard Igbo--the unified language created by Society for Promoting Igbo Language and Culture (SPILC). SPILC created Standard Igbo by selecting words and phrases that are in common use throughout Igbo land. Standard Igbo defines the proper lexicons, syntax and rules of Igbo language. It is the version of Igbo that has been widely written and taught in schools since the early1970s. It is the de facto official Igbo.

    Standard Igbo does not belong to any particular region or dialect of Igboland. Yes Owerri, Standard Igbo is not Anambra.

    Understanding Standard Igbo will give you access to the most widely spoken Igbo and provide you with the building blocks for understanding any dialect of Igbo. A student studying English language would not start their learning by studying Texan, Ebonics or Pittsburghese. Instead, the student would study Standard English, which defines proper syntax and rules for the language. Why would an Igbo language student study Owerri/Ngwa dialects instead of Standard Igbo? Don't be that guy. Choose iSabi™ Igbo!

    Unlike other applications that teach you Igbo by mimicking romance languages, iSabi™ Igbo gives you the foundation for learning and speaking the language in the shortest amount of time. We believe that practice makes perfect! You will learn how to pronounce letters of the Igbo alphabet—especially those that have combination letters such as, gb, gw or nw. Tones make all the difference in the meaning of Igbo words. You will hear and practices subtle differences in tone between identically written words. You will learn everyday words--words that you are likely to use over and over again. You will learn key verbs and phrases that will set you on your way to mastering the language.

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