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    Islamic Lessons and Questions

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    You should update the programme to get all content at first run.(Settings -> Update)
    Supported Languages : Turkish, English, Dutch, German,Arabic
    There are 5 main parts :

    1) There are 365 special words for 365 days which includes very important informations about fiqh, akaid etc. You can swift the pages easly or can go to the pages via using "Go to Date" menu.

    2) All Lessons : It is milestone of programme. It includes questions and their answers.

    2.1) Usul al-Fiqh : There are 66 questions and their answers which describes Usul al-Fiqh lesson and its aim best. There is information about how ulamas find jurisprudential evidence from book(Hooly Quarn) , Sunnah, Icmah, Kiyas.

    2.2) Mantiq : A lesson (ilm) which's aim protecting peoples'(mumin people) creed and especially their Allah beliefs from philosophers who want to destroy and be harmfull

    2.3) Emali Couplets : This lesson includes couplets which were prepared by Omer Nesefi(ks) related with creed and Allah belief.

    2.4) Ilm al-Kalām(Aqaid) : Keep protected mumins' creed and keep it more strong

    2.5) Mecelle Ahkam(rules) Courthouse or simply Mecelle is Islamic private law (civil law) rules of the codex, between the years 1868-1876, compiled by a committee headed by Ahmet Cevdet Pasha. Has been used in the last half century of Ottoman Empire at the religional courts as a legal basis. Includes one entrance and 1851 rules.There are 100 main rules which are the essence of all 1851 rules at this version of our programme . Most of them are inspired from Hadith Sharifs.

    2.6) Basic Fiqh : The answers and questions of "Must known 100 questions by Muslim young" which is described at Islamic Basic Knowledge books(Ilmihal)

    2.7) Khatam Calculations :

    3) Hatim Hesaplamaları : the calculation methods of Khatams which is an indispensable part of Muslim's life. "Men terekel usul harumel vusul" If you leave procedures ,you can not reach the target . You can calculate below khatams.

    Al-Ikhlas Khatam
    Yaseen Khatam
    Tawhid Khatam
    Anbiya Khatam
    Ayat al Kursi Khatam
    Salat Tefriciyyah Khatam

    4) 365 Hadith/Ayath/Words for 365 days , owing to its importance and meaning of each day , prepared with care. All of these have arabic, turkish and english texts.

    5) Send Message : This menu was prepared with care for you to send special messages at very special days. Jumma, Kandils and Eid Mubaraq messages.

    PS : You can send an email to for your ideas , suggestions or dissatisfaction

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