Its too noisy for me: Boy 4-8

    Its too noisy for me: Boy 4-8 icon

    Its too noisy for me: Boy 4-8

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    Its too noisy for me: Boy - 4-8 - Animation length - Approximately 49 Seconds.

    A sociamation, set in a classroom, in which a boy on finding the play of his classmates too loud for his comfort, models two possible ways to alleviate the discomfort he feels by telling the teacher, who quietens the class or lets him go to a quiet room for a while.

    So ... What are Sociamations?
    Sociamations are colourful short animations, which depict young people in everyday situations which they might find challenging. They are brief and to-the-point and include voice-overs offering clear guidance about particular scenarios.

    All sociamations follow current research guidance, and are story boarded by specialist educationalists, who work with young people with social interaction difficulties.

    They show young people alone or in groups as the depicted activities require, and often include safety guidance.

    Sociamations are designed to improve learning and social experiences for many people, including those who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, social communication difficulties, learning difficulties, emotional difficulties and low confidence and self-esteem.

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