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    Java Tricks help you to get more knowledge on Java as well as in Java Applets. It gives you plenty of tricks which is required in practicals with example. And also in this application we implemented Swipe Library, so that user can read by swipe the pages for navigatiion from one page to another.

    Below are the List of Contents placed in this application.

    *Communication Between Applets
    *Using the Media Tracker
    *Exploiting the Network
    *Using Java's Audio Classes
    *Building Special-Purpose I/O Classes
    *Effective Use of Threads
    *Concurrency and Synchronization
    *All About GridBaglayout and Other Layout managers
    *Extending AWT Components
    *Combining AWT Components
    *Advanced Event Handling
    *Image Filters and Color Models
    *Animation Techniques
    *Writing 2D Games
    *A Virtual Java-Creating Behaviors in VRML 2.0
    *Building STand-Alone Applications
    *Network-Extensible Applications with Factory Objects
    *Developing Database Applications and Applets
    *A User's View of Security
    *Creating a Security Policy
    *Authentication, Encryption, and Trusted Applets
    *Pushing the Limits of Java Security
    *Integrated Development Environments
    *Class Organization and Documentation
    *The Java Debugging API
    *Alternatives to Java
    *Moving C and C++ Code to Java
    *Using Tcl with Java
    *When and Why to Use Native Methods
    *The Native Method Interface
    *Interfacing to Existing C and C++ Libraries
    *Securing Your Native Method Libraries
    *Client/Server Programming
    *Taking Advantage of the Internet in Development
    *Fulfilling the Promise of Java

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