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    Jewelry Making Secrets Pro

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    Complete 148 pages of everything you have ever wanted to know about jewelry making is right here at your finger tips. Read on to Learn exactly how to become the next master jewelry maker…

    ===Table of Contents===

    PART I - Creating Irresistible Jewelry
    Jewelry Making and Beading
    History of Beads
    Different Kinds of Beads and Its Definitions
    Different Kinds of Gemstones and Its Definitions
    Decorating Jewelry and Beads
    Making Magic with Beads, Crystals, Pearls and Stones
    Setting Up your Workshop

    PART II - Discovering Simple Jewelry Making Techniques
    Uncovering the Simple Secrets of Stringing and Knotting
    Different Stringing and Knotting Jewelry Projects
    Discovering the ancient art of bead weaving
    Different kinds of Ancient Art Bead Weaving
    Different Wire Wrapping Jewelry Projects
    Common Jewelry Mistakes to Avoid

    PART III - Implementing Design Ideas, Trends, and More
    Jewelry for Every Occasions
    Creating Fun, Funky Jewelry for Everyday Wear
    Everyday Jewelry Projects
    Crafting your Own Evening, Bridal and Holiday Jewelry
    Evening Jewelry Projects
    Bridal Jewelry Projects
    Holiday Jewelry Projects
    Chapter II Ethnic Jewelries
    Ethnic Jewelry from Different Ethnic Groups
    and Its Definitions
    Using Antique Beads in Making Jewelry

    PART IV - Building on your Jewelry Making Hobby
    Jewelry Making, In Demand Trend
    Decorating with Jewelry and Beads Projects
    Jewelry with Kids Projects
    Hosting a Jewelry Making Party
    Turning your Hobby into a Business
    PART V Resources for Jewelry Supplies and Materials
    Chapter I Bead Shops
    Lists of Bead Shops (online stores)


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