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    Vocabulary is fundamental to successfully pass JLPT tests. The application aims to be best studying partner for students taking JLPT (Japanese Language Proficient Test) N4.

    "JLPT N4 VOCAB" makes learning Japanese vocabulary relatively easy and efficient and is targetted for JLPT N4.

    There are around 600+ words in JLPT level N4. App splits these words into small 50 unit lists to facilitate easy mastering.

    Mastering vocabulary is organized into four different techniques, gradually reinforcing the learning as you move from one technique to another.

    1) Basic Reading

    Here the focus is on Hiragana/Katakana reading and learning the kana meaning. Mastering reading Hiragana/Katakana a key step to master Japanese vocabulary.

    2) Open Review

    Here the focus is to know the Kanji/Vocabulary, its kana reading and its English meaning. Review them in small 50 word units. It is suggested to give sufficient time gap between each review. It will reinforce in remembering the words.

    3) Blind Review

    Here Hiragana/Katakana meaning and English meaning are hidden. Try to remember the Hiragana/Katakana meaning and English meaning for the particular Kanji/Vocabulary displayed. This blind review further reinforces what was reviewed in Open review.

    3) Multiple Choice tests

    Test section presents 1 Kanji/Vocabulary card and 4 multiple choice kana meanings. Click on the Hiragana/Katakana meaning word you think is meaning of the kanji word. If the section is right, selected kana
    Color will turn green. If wrong, it will turn to red.

    Hope you find the app useful in your learning. Your feedback is extremely important for us. Please provide your comments to further improve the App.

    This application is supported through Ads. Effort is made to ensure Ads do not degrade user experience. Please give feedback if otherwise.

    Disclaimer:Like any software, it is possible to have errors/bugs in the software that may result in application crashes and loss of data etc. Application developersa will work hard to ensure fix such errors/bugs. However Application developer does not offer any guarantees whatsoever. Please use it will your own sole discretion.

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