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    This app "JLPT N5 VOCAB" makes learning JLPT N5 vocabulary relatively simple and efficient.
    Sound kanji and vocabulary is fundamental to successfully pass JLPT N5 test. The app aims to be your best studying partner in building sound vocabulary for JLPT N5 test. JLPT N5 aspirants should master approximately 100+ kanji and 600+ words to pass the test with great score.

    App is built around three following two ideas/thoughts.
    1) Gradual introduction new topics
    2) Reinforcing previously learnt topics
    3) Measure learning activity quantitatively

    For the first idea/thought is realized through separation introduction of four learning topics.

    1) Hiragana/Katakana
    Here the focus is on reading and learning Hiragana/Katakana vocabulary. Mastering reading Hiragana/Katakana a key foundation steps to master Japanese vocabulary.

    2) Kanji
    Here the focus is to learn 100+ Kanji required for JLPT N5. Learn Kanji English meaning and its Kun and On readings. Kanji lists are organized into maximum of 50 unit sub-lists.

    3) Vocabulary
    Here the focus is to learn 600+ vocabulary list required for JLPT N5. Learn each words english meaning and its hiragana/katakana reading. Words are organized into maximum of 50 unit sub-lists.

    Second idea/thought is realized through sub-menus in Hiragana/Katakana, Kanji and Vocabulary main menus.

    1) Open Review
    Open review goal is review the words and try to remember their meanings.
    For Hiragana/Katakana menu, review Hiragana/Katakana words and their corresponding meanings.
    For Kanji menu review Kanjis and their On, Kun readings and English meanings.
    For Vocabulary menu review combination words and their hiragana/katakana reading and English meanings.

    2) Blind Review
    Blind review is similar to open review. However part of the review section is hidden and needs to touched to flip open the hidden part.
    For Hiragana/Katakana menu English meaning are hidden.
    For Kanji menu their On, Kun readings and English meanings are hidden.
    For Vocabulary menu hiragana/katakana reading and English meanings are hidden.
    Try to remember hidden part and confirm what was remembered is correct. Blind review reinforces what was reviewed in Open review.

    3) Multiple Choice tests
    Multiple choice tests further reinforce learning from open review and blind review sub-menus.
    For Hiragana/Katakana menu English meanings are tested through 4 choices.
    For Kanji menu On, Kun readings and English meanings are tested through 4 choices.
    For Vocabulary menu hiragana/katakana readings are tested through 4 choices.
    Select the choice that you think right, and receive immediate feedback on selected choice.

    4) Timed tests
    Timed test are 20 questions multiple choice test to be completed in 5 minutes. Score is provided at the end of the test.
    App dynamically constructs the 20 questions randomly every time from given tested set, thus making the test as effective as possible.

    Third idea/thought is realized through scoring the entire review process. App has built in simple scoring system that Scores each Hiragana/Katakana, kanji and combination word every time reviewed or tested.

    Application developer sincerely hope this app helps you succesfully passing JLPT N5.

    Your feedback is extremely important for us. Please provide your comments to further improve the App.
    This application is supported through Ads. Effort is made to ensure Ads do not degrade user experience. Please give feedback if otherwise.

    Disclaimer:Like any software, it is possible to have errors/bugs in the software that may result in application crashes and loss of data etc. Application developer will work hard to ensure fix such errors/bugs. However Application developer does not offer any guarantees whatsoever. Please use it with your own sole discretion.

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