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    ¡Welcome to the official App of the Telefónica Chairmanship’s event: Entrepreneurship in the digital World! This event will take place in the ETSI Telecomunicación on 06/11/13.

    With this App you can live the event in a totally different way, making the most out of the different conferences and interacting in a whole new variety of ways.

    The App is divided in 3 main sections:


    From this section you will be able to see in a clear and clean interface the different conferences and events that will take place. Selecting one of them will direct you to a view with information about who will participate in that particular event and what it will be about. From there you will be able to:
    -Share this information via different social networks (Facebook, Twitter and E-mail).
    -Add the event to your calendar to make sure you don’t miss it.
    -Interact with the event. This year, each conference and discussion board will have a hashtag associated with it (the App will add this automatically) and you will be able to see all the tweets send on a big screen.


    From utilities you can access 4 main functions:
    -Access a map on how to reach the ETSIT (where the events take place) and get there using your device’s GPS.
    -Parking information.
    -How to get there and different transport options.
    -Maps and plans of where exactly everything takes place in the ETSIT.


    This section will contain information about the event and links to different webpages, allowing you to:
    -Accessed detailed information.
    -Enrol in the events.
    -Access the online debate.
    -Share all the information and access everything with our QR codes.


    This App has been developed by Pablo Clemente Pérez, who has a graduate scholarship at the Telefonica Movistar’s Chairmanship. You can find out more about him, the App and the event in these links:

    -Pablo Clemente Pérez

    - Telefonica Movistar’s Chairmanship:

    *NOTE: The information held here is subject to change. Please keep an eye on the blog and our Twitter account to have all the updated news.

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