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    The Kaplan Bar Review is the ultimate preparation solution for both the multi-state and individual state components of the Bar Exam. We offer innovative Bar review that empowers you to personalize your study strategy and tactics. Our Personalized Study Plan, Lectures-On-Demand, Ask-An-Attorney Hotline, Unlimited Essay Grading, renowned QBank, and traditional outlines & printed materials are just some of the resources that will help you master the material that you need to pass the Bar.
    If you have already signed up for our online course, you can download this application at no additional charge.

    The Kaplan Bar Review Android application allows you to manage your:

    Keep up to date on your daily assignments.
    Watch Video/Audio assignments from your syllabus

    Media Library
    Download all Audio/Video lectures.
    Watch or listen to your downloaded lectures, even when you are offline from the 'My Media' section.

    fleX Flashcards
    fleX will help you comprehend and memorize both the Multi-state and State law as it's tested on the bar exam.
    Once downloaded you can use the Flashcards offline.
    Once the app is online all your offline work is synced automatically.
    Create custom decks that will continuously synchronize with the website.
    Track your overall confidence in a subject/topic.

    MBE Qbank
    Apply the law exactly the way it's tested on the bar with exam-like MBE practice questions and explanations.
    Once downloaded, you can submit a custom quiz and view results offline and sync with the website.
    See a complete history of your performance in the quizzes taken so far.
    Review quizzes and look at your mastery by subject.

    Live Lecture Interactivity

    If you are signed up for a live course, you can answer questions along with the lecture that can be reviewed as a group in real-time by the professor.
    “Raise your hand” to pose a question to the professor that she may answer in class!

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