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    About Child Safety

    It is becoming increasingly important in today’s world be vigilant about all the negativity that surrounds the family unit and in particular the children. What would seem like an innocent and safe act or pass time, years ago, is no longer to be taken for granted. For the sake of the safety of their children all parents should be aware of the following elements and perhaps even take the time and effort to ensure the children too are fully aware of them.

    Teaching a child to be weary of anyone and everyone is indeed a rather sad thing to have to do but necessary all the same. Most strangers would seem to be friendly and helpful but the child should be taught to be weary nonetheless, as this could be the first step to trouble and it usually almost always is according to the statistics provided for by the authorities.

    The majority of kids today take the school bus to school and it would be wise for the parent to initiate and instill the basics rules that should be applied whenever the child is on the bus. Although there is usually an adult supervising, the child’s cooperation and understanding is what will eventually contribute to the overall safety situation of all on the bus.

    Playgrounds are a wonderful area for a child to be free and happy indulging in games and other forms of plays that would contribute to the wellbeing of a healthy and happy child. Unfortunately it is also an area, where there is potential danger and parents would be advised to stay informed of such possibilities and take the necessary precautions to limit these occurrences from causing harm to their children.

    These are just a very few of the issues that face children and their parents today. Get all the info you need to keep your kids safe.


    Note from developer: Though this is a free app, I highly suggest, from deepest part of my heart, continuing to research the subject. There are many resoures out there for parents and

    guardians to keep children safe as well as being safe themselves.The best first start may be to contact local authorities (police and fire dept for information as they sometimes have free/low cost classes and services. Also there are many scam artists out there too that will pray on your fears and make you buy stuff that you don't want or need or will not help. Stay educated! If you find anything you feel I should include in this free guide please email me. This guide is only a very small glimpse of the bigger picture.


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