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    Published: 2012-10-04, by .

    Let your kids get familiar with the alphabet and the word sounds

    • Three great games
    • Engaging design
    • Works well
    • Word and letter sounds
    • No lite version available

    "It's an ABC world!"

    Kids ABC World is another educational app for kids who are starting to get familiar with the alphabet and the most common words. The app features three different game modes:

    In Alphabet, you have a list of words and their correspondent images, following the letters of the alphabet so the kid can learn them from the beginning in their most basic forms. The visuals help them understand better what they mean. Secondly, in Find Letters, they should tap on the alphabet letters in order, choosing one of three letters appearing on the screen and continuing the sequence until the very last one. Finally, in Match Letters, the kids can practise all the knowledge by matching the letters with the animal or object that starts with that particular one.

    The application also helps children get familiar with the sound of the letters, as they can hear it when they tap on them. Also, when touching the picture, they can also listen to how that word is pronounced and even other sounds that are related.

    RamkyS Tech has developed Kids ABC World, an efficient application for children that also happens to be a good entertainment, so they will want to play and they will learn stuff at the same time. Engaging and colorful graphics appropriate for kids and a high usability, along the aforementioned pedagogical uses, make this app highly recommendable.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Oct 04, 2012


    A unique application for kids to learn alphabets. Kids will never get bored when they reach Z. The letter sound,music,animation and great pictures will encourage the kids to learn ABC easily in a fun way.

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    Features in Kids ABC World
    * A to Z Upper Case and Lower Case alphabet letters

    * Alphabet letter names

    * Pictures and words with sound for each Alphabet letter

    * Animations for alphabet letters

    * Colorful and attractive backgrounds

    * Fun activities

    A detailed description of the application

    Each letter screen has the following features:

    Name of the alphabet letter. When the letter is touched, kids can hear the name of the letter.

    Two words that start with the letter. Interesting pictures for both the words.

    When the picture is touched, Kids can hear the sound of the words.

    Animation & Sounds
    Pictures will animate when they are touched. Some pictures will make relevant sound. For eg., if a violin is touched, it will play music.

    Activities are simple and interesting

    *Find Letters

    Cute ants will guide the kids to pick the correct alphabet letter. This exercise will help kids to identify letters in an interesting and encouraging way.

    *Match alphabet letter and Picture

    Match starting letters with the pictures. Helps your child to identify the picture and match the picture to the first letter of the word.

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