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    App to Teach Kids Good Habits .
    For the Parents who care about Good Habits in their Kids .
    One of the most important facts that parents need to understand is this: Children who practice healthy habits early in life are much more likely to continue those habits through their teen years and into adulthood. According to the American Association for Health Education a key reason for that reality is that a child’s brain is more impressionable than an adult’s.

    Manners are to be taught. When children are very young, We have to grab the opportunity to teach appropriate behavior. When children are polite, kind and honest, they develop character -- and also make their parents look good!

    “Young children haven’t had a real opportunity to develop a concrete preference in their likes and dislikes, so it is easier to start them off on the right foot than it is to stop a bad habit later in life,”
    Here are some important habits that parents should begin instilling in their children at early age.

    • Regular Brushing Teeth.
    • Daily Bath.
    • Regular Hand Washing.
    • Wake up Early with Smile.
    • Eat Healthy Breakfast.
    • Pray Before Meal.
    • Daily Exercise
    • Study Hard.
    • Social Behavior.
    • Being A Good Guest and Be Good to Guest.
    • Sharing Behavior.
    • Saving Money.
    • Good Listening Habit.
    • Reading Habit.
    • Eat Fruits Daily .
    • When in a Group be the part of it .
    • Personal Hygiene.
    A new Generation with Good habits and Good Manner is the future of our Nation .

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