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Kids Guard ( for Parents)

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    KIDZGUARD Application is made for the safety of the kids in the world, only one guard KIDZGUARD Application, $20 Fee for one year

    Parents, and this can not happen to know what happened to my child, uneasy to worry about the social atmosphere protect children through the KIDZGUARD Applications.

    KIDZGUARD Applications can protect a missing child from the risk of kidnapping or also can be protected by missing child is happening around the neighbor's children.

    Schools, academy or grounded If you are concerned about your child's safety, children position through a lookup function to check your child's location in real time.
    If you set up a local child outside the safety zone set, the alarm is provided to parents or guardians.

    For parents, children's application was released.
    Parents for the Android phones, the iPhone is available both of them.
    For children’s available by Android Phones.

    Kidz guards for protection function
    1. Child location lookup
    2. Real-time moving path lookup
    3. The safety zone configuration
    4. Dialog and dialogue box.
    5. Missing-child Report and full-function features and more KidzGuard Services.

    Installation Instructions
    1. search 'kidzguard' in Google Play Market
    2. install 'kidzguard app' ( parent / child )
    3. For parents in the app's settings, If you manage your child add or delete,
    You can just view the location of the child.

    - If you purchase this application, and must be used during one year.
    - You can lookup the location of the two children.
    - You do not need to purchase additional and is available immediately after purchase

    Please refer to the website

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