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    What is It ???
    KidTeach is a Visual Tutor Application, aimed at teaching kids the names, Spellings and Pronunciations of real world things. It shows an Image (cartoon style, but closer to real thing), its name, then Spells it and pronounces it.
    It also has a Test Mode, which shows an Image, provides 4 Options, allows selection of an option, counts correct choices made, calculates correct choice percentage (against total items of the category), and eventually, helps monitor the progress of Kid's Learning.

    NEED ???
    Mom/Dad, what is this ? What’s that called ? Is it a vegetable or a fruit ? Is it an animal or a bird ?
    I bet all parents having kids in the age 3 - 12 hear this questions numerous times !!!

    All parents are required to teach their kids, Names, Spellings and Pronunciations of real world entities (animals, fruits, vegetables, etc.). Further, kids are required to memorize the above against the images of these entities. This is how a kid eventually grows his/her vocabulary. Basically, academic syllabus in early stages of education, fall into this broader and very important category.

    The only problem here is parent usually don't have time to continuously perform the above Activities. Worry not parents, KidTeach for the rescue.

    There are wide range of categories (animals, birds, fish, vegetables, fruits, transports, etc.), and over 500+ images for things of these categories. Further, these will be upgraded continuously (specific requests from users are expected as well).

    Current Functionality in Details
    1] Presents Icons for all the available Categories
        # So that kids understand the groupings of real world entities

    2] Allows to select one category at a time and start in Learn Mode or Test Mode.

    3] Learn Mode - Shows an Image and ...
        # Displays its name (so that kids associate and memorize a real world thing and its name)
        # Spells out the name (so that kids can memorize the spelling)
        # Pronounces the name (so that kids know how to pronounce it)

    4] Test Mode - Shows an Image and ...
        # Displays 4 options, including correct one (so that kids get a hand-on in multiple choice type tests)
        # Can Pronounce all the Options (so that kids can recall a thing based on its pronunciation as well)

    5] Test Mode - On Selection of one Option ...
        # Immediate response of Right or Wrong selection is given (pop-up message)
        # Also, a sound is played (kid style) to indicate the selection status.

    6] Also, the right/wrong status message shown has following extra details ...
        # Total Items available in this category (specifies the full extent of this test)
        # Total Items attended so far (specifies kid's current standing in the test)
        # Correct choices made so far (helps in tracking kid's learning progress)
        # Success Percentage So far (specifies current know-how of the category)

    The application's basic usage is kept as simple and easy as possible, as, the users are, kids.

    Parents, please note that ...
    Although kids are lot smarter and tech-savvy these days,
    But still, parents will be required to sit with their kids to guide them, in initial days of application usage. Further, the Statistics in Test Mode are for parents to help them track their kid's learning progress.

    ## Coming Soon
    (a) Support for more languages (german, russian, spanish, japanese, chinese, ...)

    For content addition request (new category, items within categories), and reporting issues, please drop a mail at the following mail-id

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