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    #1 English language learning application - Everyday English for Slovak-speaking

    * Would you like to know a meaning of a word? -> Use a dictionary.
    * Would you like to translate a sentence? -> Use a translator.
    * Would you like to analyze a foreign language? -> Learn grammar.
    * Do you need to remember single words? -> Use a flashcards system.
    * Are you really going to SPEAK and UNDERSTAND ENGLISH and even better directly THINK in ENGLISH?

    If you are interested to understand native speakers, speak with a correct and authentic pronunciation and without any need of translation or learning it by heart, then this application is the best for you!

    Every single lesson of the Everyday English is carefully prepared by native speakers from US and UK. Topics are based on such situations that are common in real life.

    Top features of the SmartLanguage methods:
    * Absolutely natural method of learning - NO learning by heart
    * You will subconsciously learn grammar by repeating of a large amount of sentences
    * New 'vocabulary' is presented in the context of dialogue - this is also helpful for learners to feel how spoken English works in sentence and dialogue.
    * It's also done in the format of a story with a plot - so this is cohesive, as you get to 'know' the characters and get emotionally involved
    * No need of a dictionary (there is a word by word translation)
    * The study plan is completely in your hands

    You will get:
    * Ability to understand native speakers and will speak with correct pronunciation
    * Easy to understand how to construct English sentences

    SmartLanguage is so simple and friendly to use. There are no unnecessary “nice to have” features (such as pictures, icons, animations, etc).

    FREE – just as a sample lesson - How to study English:
    * 8 minutes
    * 44 sentences
    * 264 unique words (vocabulary)

    The Complete course consists of:
    * 6,5 hours of voice records (a subject of purchase from within the application)
    * in total 18 lessons

    For more information about the method and application, please feel free to visit the product site on

    If you would like to express anything to us, please send a message to our support directly from the application – that’s only way where we are able to respond.

    In case you like this application then leave your feedback on Google Play – we really appreciate that.

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