Know your numbers 1 to 10

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    Know your numbers 1 to 10

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    Let the shedlings help your child learn the number names and numerals from 1 to 10 (and zero is in there too!) and practise number order in four fun activities in this preschool math app for toddlers and under fives.

    Hear the shedlings giggle and count along with them as they come out of their home in the shed, learning the number names and numerals as you play.

    Scroll through the flash cards, seeing the numeral, hearing its name and counting the shedlings one by one to get a feel for the size of each number.

    Go on safari or to the farm with the shedlings. Tap the numbers in the correct order to see the animals and hear their sounds. As you tap the correct numbers, the animals' names build up letter by letter until they are spoken when the names are complete.

    The maths games in this app give plenty of experience of counting numbers, linking the numerals to their matching quantities and names which is what preschool kids need to get a secure foundation for their maths.

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