Komodo is a non-trivial, super-effective way to help young children master mathematics.

    Regular practice is the tried-and-tested approach to mastering arithmetic. Komodo makes this painless in a super-rewarding way that kids actually enjoy using. Aimed at ages 5 to 11, Komodo's adaptive technology tailors the learning experience to the needs of each child, adjusting as they go along. Komodo’s focus is on mastering arithmetic and mental arithmetic because this is the key platform for future success in mathematics. It takes learner through counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication - including times tables, division, fractions, decimals, percentages and many more essential topics.
    Here are few key points and features:

    • Komodo is not a game – it’s designed to be effective without keeping children at the screen too long

    • Komodo reports back on your child's progress as often as you'd like, and allows you to set real-life rewards to motivate them along the way

    • One of the most important parts of a child's learning is your involvement. Komodo helps you support your child's learning in a way that you'll both find quick, fun and rewarding too.

    • Komodo's adaptive system allows kids to skip to an appropriate level once they have mastered a topic, so even the most able should find it constantly rewarding and challenging.

    • Komodo is Winner of the Samsung Digital Media Award ( E-learning ) and the DANI Award ( E-learning)

    Komodo's online math tutor system is designed for home use.
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