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    This application is the flash music video that children like very much and can sing a song with their mother very easily. These music video are very famous in the world, so every children in the world can know the rhythm.
    To your children, Happy time to listen and sing together.
    To parents, some sweet relief
    This music video script is supported by Korean characters.
    * 4 title for free, the other titles should be paid (Now, only supported in Korea, we will add the payment method)
    1. Three bear(곰 세마리)
    2. Tong Tong Tong Tong(통통통통)
    3. Why do you come my house?(우리 집에 왜 왔니)
    4. Frog kindergarten(개구리 유치원)
    5. Head Shoulder Nee and Foot(머리 어깨 무릎 발)
    6. calf(어린송아지)
    7. Fist(주먹 쥐고)
    8. Mother likes farther(엄마는 아빠를 좋아해)
    9. Ten little Indian boys(열 작은 인디언)
    10. Hoky Poky(호키포키)
    11. Young Soldier(어린 군병)
    12. Butterfly(나비야)
    13. Little house in the forest(숲속 초막집)
    14. Next to the next(옆에 옆에)
    15. Bingo(빙고)
    16. Round sun has risen(둥근 해가 떴습니다.)
    17. Please promise(꼭꼭 약속해)
    18. Bear(곰)
    19. Cute Little(귀여운 꼬마)
    20. Happy birthday(생일 축하 노래)
    21. Jingle Bells(징글벨)

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