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    If you want to learn or develop a new language, you will find many useful apps on Android Market in language teaching . With the free , paid , featured , lessons, dictionary and game categories this app has everything you need.

    English as a global language enables you to communicate with foreigners and because of it, many people choose English as a second language.

    In this app you will find many tools, such as English language teaching and apps and videos, glossaries English . We also want to provide education to the children. Children learn a language more quickly than adults. There are English videos and games for children. Preschool children and students can benefit from learning English grammar .

    There are also language translator apps and glossaries. Not only English, but there are also educational material for popular European languages ​​such as French, German , Italian, Spanish.

    We have included language games to enjoyful learning process . With free vocabulary, grammar , dictionary and spelling games , you will easily learn.

    What's new?

    - Game reviews are added so you can gain insight into the games.
    - You can write your comments about the app and games in speech bubbles.
    - Game trailers and walkthroughs are added to indicate how to play.

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