Lasers and their Uses

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    Laser and its Uses explores the characteristic features of laser lights. Watch in this app how a laser beams propagates and know about its properties. Study about the intensity of laser light.
    • Why laser is widely used to correct eye defects?
    • Why is laser light chosen over any other light?
    • Does a laser light consist of single wavelength?
    • In what all fields are lasers used?
    Seek answers to the above in Laser and its Uses. High school students and above will find this app interesting.
    - The app diversifies classroom learning.
    - Includes text to facilitate better understanding at the learner’s end.
    - High quality video to enhance learning experience.
    - Images that engage you for better understanding.
    - Enjoy quizzing and check for your grey cell efficiency.
    - Web links to further whet your appetite for knowledge.

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