Learn and Play with Dino

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    Learn,Play,and Have Fun at the same time...
    This great Interactive educational game is aiming to make kids learn through fun and interactivity with our little green dragoon Dino, Dino will help kids to count from one to ten, also he is very interactive if you click on him he will react, Kids also will learn some alphabet and animals with a great memory game with dino , and many other interactive activities your kids will discover....
    this Great and simple app for kids to diel with is very interactive to learn English Alphabet through simple game like matching the English Alphabet and letters with Animals and the kids get points when match a pair is done, so the kids will learn english alphabet and letters in a simple and interactive way, also they will learn to count numbers and helping Dino in counting Numbers with him from number one to number ten and when they finish they get stars!! very nice Ha!! also they will Dino our little dragon in some interactive and simple tasks through these tasks they will learn some information about the human body simple and basic but in a great way (innovation way) they can also play with Dino when teach him like Tom Cat game and many things will love a bout this 3D interactive simple innovation and great graphics game with all the sound effects and voices to help kids!!
    So what are you waiting for your kids will love this One for sure.