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    Learn Chinese Fast n Easy

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    This app help you to communicate with Chinese round the world with full confidents. Provide useful phrases and sort sentences, speaking with two different speeds, slow and normal speed for beginner easy to follow (in full version sentences) and recorded by Sweet Native Chinese Lady Speaker.

    Now a day, most of the Chinese are using Mandarin to communicate, instead of other Chinese Dialacts. So Mandarin is getting more important in Chinese societies.

    This app is very useful for those who like to learn Chinese, Traveling, Daily communication and etc.


    - High quality audio recordings by sweet native Chinese lady speaker.
    - No internet connection needed (off-line learning)
    - English, Chinese and Pinyin with tones text
    - Tips on word explain.
    - Ad-free


    Contents more than 350 phrases and common use sentenses.
    - Greetings
    - General
    - Numbers
    - Colours
    - Family
    - Feelings
    - Direction
    - Date And Time
    - Shopping
    - Meal
    - Entertainment
    - Accommodation
    - Travelling
    - Place


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    Thanks for your support.

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