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    Easy Speak / Learn Chinese from English with (Pinyin Text & Audio)

    Now you can learn Chinese Language with no extra effort, just download this app and learn Chinese language with 67 Lessons and each lesson cover major words of Chinese language, with the support of Chinese, English and Pinyin Text and Audio as well.


    - Easy to Learn
    - 60+ Lessons
    - Chinese, English and Pinyin Text
    - Audio Support
    - Each Text line has different color to understand easily
    - Favorite Lesson Option
    - Free of cost and complete data access
    - Attractive and beautiful interface
    - Share App with your family and friends (List Menu Option)
    - Jump to Last Read Position (List Menu Option)
    - Our More Apps Link of Google Play Market (List Menu Option)
    - and much more


    01. Greetings, 02. Expressing Gratitude, 03. Happy Birthday to You, 04. Saying Goodbye, 05. Asking for Help, 06. Making an Appointment, 07. Making a Phone Call, 08. Talking about others, 09. Talking about moods, 10. Talking about jobs, 11. Talking about Hobbies, 12. At a Fast Food Restaurant, 13. At a Chinese Restaurant, 14. At a Buffet, 15. Buying Food in the Street, 16. At a Family Gathering, 17. At a Banquet, 18. At the Supermarket, 19. At the Fruit Market, 20. At Second-hand Market, 21. Shopping by Phone, 22. At the Clothes Store, 23. At the Department Store, 24. At the Book Store, 25. Walking, 26. Taking a Bus, 27. Taking a Taxi, 28. Taking a Train, 29. Taking a Plane, 30. Getting around by Car, 31. At the Travel Agency, 32. At the Post Office, 33. At the Hotel, 34. Getting a Haircut, 35. Looking for an Apartment, 36. Renting an Apartment, 37. Moving House, 38. Depositing, 39. Exchanging Money, 40. Paying Bills, 41. Transferring Money, 42. Using a Credit Card, 43. Reporting a Loss, 44. Registration, 45. Consulting the Doctor, 46. Getting Treatment, 47. At the Pharmacy, 48. At the Emergency Ward, 49. Paying for the Treatment, 50. Visiting a Friend, 51. In the Kindergarten, 52. In the University, 53. At the Library, 54. Chatting with Classmates, 55. Talking about Internet Bars, 56. Enrolling in Courses, 57. In a Bar, 58. At the Disco, 59. At the Movie Theater, 60. At the Karaoke Bar, 61. Attending a Performance, 62. Watching Peking Opera, 63. At the Museum, 64. Doing Morning Exercise, 65. Talking about Exercise, 66. Watching Sports, 67. Hiking and Running

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