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    Learn Counting / counting game for kids is a free application. This is the perfect app to learn counting numbers. Learn Counting is designed to help kids in learn counting, reverse counting, before, after and between concepts. Learn Counting also helps students to spell the number. Learn Counting is based on actual school curriculum. Number game / Counting game makes counting interesting for students. Learn Counting help kids to count numbers.

    Purpose of this application (Learn Counting) is to provide an interface for kids to learn and understand counting. And make them comfortable to count numbers till 1000. Kids can count reverse from 100 to 51, and can also reverse count from 50 to 1. Interface of the app is kept simple, so that kids can operate it easily. Learn Counting application can also be used by school teachers, to make number counting more interesting for the students.

    In Learn Counting app is divided into two categories counting from 1 to 50, and counting from 51 to 100. This is actually helpful for kids of different age groups. Apart from simple counting, I have included reverse counting as well. Reverse counting is also divided in two parts. i.e. 50 to 1 and 100 to 51.

    Whenever student press any number in counting and reverse counting section, “Learn Counting” speaks the number. Volume can be controlled from this app itself. When child press the number “Learn Counting” also spell the number for kids. Student can check the spelling at the top of the application. This is very useful for kids in learning to spell and count numbers.

    To understand counting in a better way, I also have included few games. These games make counting numbers/ count numbers more interesting. Following number games / counting games are included in this application:

    1) Game After: In this game kids have to identify what comes after the given number.
    2) Game Before: In this game kids have to identify what comes before the given number.
    3) Game Between: In this game kids have to choose what comes between two numbers.
    4) Game Mix: This is mix of all the above games. Student can face any number from “What comes after?”, “What comes before?” and “What comes between” questions randomly.

    I have included ten questions in every game. Students get green star on every correct answer, and red star on every wrong answer. After completing the quiz student gets a grade.

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