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    * Structured Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced (Accents) Course to Learn English by Videos.
    * Effective and fun way to learn English.
    * Each course contains about 100 short videos, each lasting on average 3 minutes.
    * Able to pause, go back, fast forward on the video.
    * All videos sourced and streamed from the most effective and most popular English language schools on You Tube and compiled into suitable chapters of progressing difficulty by qualified TEFL English teachers with many years experience.
    * Videos can be viewed in HD.

    Beginners Course:
    Learn the basics, how to introduce yourself, understand directions, order food and drink, talk about the weather, travel and transport. Acquire basic grammar and vocabulary.

    Intermediate Course:
    More advanced tenses such as the passive voice, modals, phrasal verbs, conditionals, clauses, cultural and idioms.

    Accents Course:
    A video from each country where English is the principal language. Includes regional variations in USA and England.

    WARNING: Need network connection or WiFi to stream videos.
    Need device that supports YouTube videos. If you are unsure, we recommend you try 'Learn English by Video Trial' first.

    Are we missing a lesson? Tell us and we'll include it.

    Basics - Alphabet; Colors; Adjectives; Numbers 0-20; Numbers to 100; Top 10 Verbs; Basics - Action verbs; Pronouns
    1 Introducting Yourself - Introductions; Where are you from?; Family; Who? What? Where? How?; Occupations; Adjectives; We are family
    2 Places - At, on, in with places; Next to, beside, near; Where questions; House; Lounge; Garden' In the City; Spatial location; Prepositions song; Directions
    3 Food - Restaurant Vocab; Vegetable Vocab; Fruit Vocab; Kitchen vocab; Fruit and Nuts; Countable and uncountable; Countable and uncountable nouns; Chile con carne; Diet
    4 Weather - Weather vocab 1 & 2; Seasons; Weather phrases; Weather conversation
    5 Routines & Activities - Tell the time; Daily Activities; Activities; Adverbs; Adverb song; in, on; Daily activities; Simple present; Housework; Sports Vocab; Describe plans; Present, past, future
    6 Health - Body Parts; Hospital Vocab; Dentist Vocab; Common Health problems 1; Common Health problems 2; Already and yet
    7 Travel & Transport - Transport Vocab; Vehicles Vocab; At the Airport; In the street; Look, see, watch; Transport Song; Rhymes; Checking in
    8 Vocabulary Builder - Animal Alpahabet; Bedroom Vocab; Clothes; Clothes Alphabet; Money Vocab; Musical Instruments; Seaside Vocab; Shapes Vocab; Weaponry
    9 Grammar Builder - Infinitives; Gerunds and Infinitives; Irregular Verbs; Possessive Adjectives; What are you doing?; Comparisons; Comparisons & Superlatives; Present continous vs present tense; Future tenses; Past simple; Phrasal Verbs; Present perfect vs simple past; -ing vs -ed; Confusing Words; Here and hear; Listen and Hear; Live and Live; Other and Another; Wish and Hope; To, too and two; There, their and they're

    Intermediate Tenses - Passive; Past Continuous
    Modals - Introduction to Modals; Got, have got, have; Advisability; Necessity; Polite Questions; Modals Summary
    Phrasal Verbs - Introduction; Keep up; Get; Common phrasals 1; Common phrasals 2; Pull; Turn
    Conditionals - 1st Conditional; 2nd Conditional; 3rd Conditional
    Clauses - Relative Clauses; Adverb Connectors; Reported Speech; (wh) questions; (yes-no) questions; changing verbs1; changing verbs2; Reported Speech conditionals
    Cultural - Cleaners; Blood; Christmas Origins; Christmas Santa; Christmas Symbols; Double Decker Bus; Flowers for the Girl; Weather phrases; Halloween; Influenza; Sherlock Holmes
    Idioms - Colour; Eye; Heart; Seafood

    All countries and regional dialects in UK and USA.

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