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    Let learn English together with one of the best female teacher whose classes and videos are also brilliant.

    Jennifer is the name of this teacher and she’s produced more than 100 videos for ESL (English as a Second Language) students.

    With Jennifer’s videos you can improve many skills of your English because her videos are focused on different aspects like grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation.

    Her videos are all-inclusive as they contain an introduction about the lesson, a more detailed explanation and exercises which you can practice.

    You can also visit her personal website:, where you’ll be able to get to know Jennifer better and find more material to learn English.

    In this application:

    + Language Notes: These short lessons will focus on small but important language points to help you communicate in English.

    + English Writing Skills: Punctuation: series of lessons with the upper level student in mind. For many, these videos will help review and reinforce the patterns that are standard in written English.

    + Verb Tenses in English with Jennifer: This series is designed for upper level students. We will study each verb tense (and aspect), reviewing how it is formed and how it is used. We will also compare and contrast verb forms.

    + Learn English with Jennifer: Lessons for Beginners: English lessons for Beginners! No scripts. No actors. Real lessons with real results.

    + English for Professionals with Jennifer ESL: This series will help those preparing to use English in the workplace as well as those already in the workforce. This is NOT traditional Business English (negotiating, presenting, interviewing, etc.) The lessons in this series will help learners gain confidence in talking about work and work-related matters. Target skills: listening, speaking, and vocabulary. Levels: intermediate to advanced

    + Pronunciation of English Vowels with Jennifer ESL: A series to help student learn the pronunciation of English vowel sounds. Level: high beginner to advanced

    + Word of the Day - Learn English Vocabulary with Jennifer ESL: Learn the words you need for successful communication in English. I present high frequency words for general and academic English.

    + Advanced English with Jennifer ESL: English lessons for advanced learners.

    + Common Mistakes in English - Lessons with Jennifer ESL: Learn how to correct common mistakes learners make in English. Level: intermediate to advanced

    + American Slang - English Lessons with Jennifer ESL: The conversations present informal English used in everyday situations. Attention is given to pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Level: intermediate to advanced

    + English Grammar Lessons with Jennifer ESL: Detailed grammar explanations and practice for intermediate and advanced students.

    + Basic English Grammar Lessons with Jennifer ESL: Basic grammar lessons with both explanations and practice. (Level: high beginner - low intermediate)

    + English Mini Lessons with Jennifer ESL: Short lessons that teach language and U.S. culture. Level: intermediate

    + English Pronunciation Lessons with Jennifer ESL: Pronunciation lessons on English sounds and patterns in spoken English. Level: high beginner to advanced

    + English Vocabulary Lessons with Jennifer ESL: Vocabulary lessons for intermediate and advanced learners of English. The focus is mainly on idioms (common expressions).

    + High video quality
    + High loading/buffering speed
    + Instant update
    + Auto play a list of videos and shuffle
    + Keep playing while rotating devices
    + Simplify user interface

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