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    Learn English with Podcasts helps you learn English the most natural, effective, and effortless way. It integrates over 40 carefully selected popular podcasts that cover almost every aspect of the English language. With Learn English with Podcasts you can:
    - Enjoy studying and improve your skills daily with English lessons for learners of all levels.
    - Enhance your listening and speaking with thousands of listening hours on a wide variety of topics.
    - Select your preferred content from a vastly rich stream of resources including simple to advanced English vocabulary, English pronunciation, basic to highly complex expressions and usages, natural English conversations by native speakers, and many more.
    - Be educated not only about the English language but also the British and American culture.

    Learn English the most natural and fun way, wherever and whenever you want, now with Learn English with Podcasts.

    - Over 20 popular carefully selected podcasts for English learners
    - Work with any other external podcasts or RSS feeds
    - Display text of audio feed items (if available) -- especially helpful for listening with transcript
    - Download or stream podcasts over wifi and in the background
    - Share lessons on Facebook, Twitter or via email with friends
    - Many advanced features to manage podcasts

    - Some podcasts only make a few recent posts available. The earlier you subscribe and refresh these podcasts, the more posts you have access to.
    - If you refresh a podcast and nothing happens, this most likely means that the server hosting the podcast does not work at that moment. This problem is not due to the app or your connection. When it happens, you should wait for some time and then refresh again which will resolve the issue.

    - American English Pronunciation:

    Daily English conversations
    - English as a Second Language Podcast
    - Culips ESL Podcast

    Business English
    - Business English Pod
    - English at Work
    - Business Daily by BBC

    Podcasts with transcripts
    - Listen to English
    - my American friend
    - English as a Second Language Podcast

    Thanks for downloading Learn English with Podcasts. If you like the app, please take a few minutes to rate and write a review for the app. If you have any questions, comments, or feature suggestions, please email us at
    The list of currently available podcasts include:
    6 Minute English
    American English Pronunciation Podcasts
    American Stories
    Better at English
    Big City Small World
    Business Daily - BBC
    Business English Pod
    CBeebies Radio
    Culips ESL podcast
    Crossing Continent - BBC Radio4
    Elementary Podcast - British Council
    English At Work
    English as a Second Language Podcast
    Forum - A World of Ideas
    Hard Talk - BBC
    Health Report
    Just Vocabulary
    Last Word
    Learn English on your terms
    Listen to English
    Luke's English Podcast
    My American Friend
    Nature Podcast
    Podcasts In English
    Poetry 2012- The Written World
    Science in the News - VOA
    Splendid Speaking
    St George International
    StarStuff - ABC
    TED Radio Hour Podcast
    Talk Shoe
    Technology report
    The English Desk
    The English Teacher John Show
    The Making of a Nation
    The Science Show - ABC
    This is America
    Thought for the day - BBC
    Words and Their Stories

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