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    I hear and I forget.
    I see and I remember.
    I do and I understand.
    (Confucius, 551-479 BCE, Chinese thinker & philosopher)

    This is the basic principle used in this English language learning mobile application. English words are illustrated (see) by animations and the user is made to practice (do) these words with the help of interesting games.

    The results are amazing!!! Learners really understand the word, its meaning & usage and start to speak in English with confidence.

    The Words and Idioms are further explained by their origins which are often very interesting. Synonyms and Antonyms of the words are also mentioned which gives a 360° view of the word.

    Games in the application helps further cement the understanding of the words/idioms learned in an interactive manner. Games also act as an assessment module to test ones level of understanding.

    The basic application is bundled with 10 free video words/idioms for users to understand the functionality of the application. Later they can choose to buy more words from the app store at a nominal cost of $1.99 for 100 words/idioms.

    Take the first step to enhance your English in the most entertaining and effective way possible! Learning English language has never been so much fun!

    Happy learning and good luck!

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