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    Learn English app is for all those who are curious about and want to seriously learn the English language.

    Learn English gets you started with learning the basics of the English language and building a sizable vocabulary of words to be able to use them in regular conversations after a few hours or days of learning. In a matter of days only, you will learn many commonly used words to be able to understand and speak them easily and fluently. As you learn and practice more, you will make significant progress in moving towards your goal of learning the English language to be able to have a decent conversation in English.

    The app is particularly useful for learning alphabets, both 'lowercase' and 'uppercase', as well as for learning words that are most commonly used in normal conversations.

    The app mostly uses a Chart/Grid based interface to display information through pictures and words. The pictures or images help you clearly associate the correct visual forms with the words that you are learning.

    You can tap any image to see the enlarged picture and hear the sound of the word associated with the picture.

    The app also includes a comprehensive listing of 2-6 letter words, in a feature titled "Words Bank" for each alphabet and provides an interface to "" to get the meaning of any word that you don't understand.

    The app also teaches many more words, such as Numbers, Days, Months, Fruits, Vegetables, Foods, Animals, Birds, Flowers, Countries, Planets, Continents etc. All this is made more interesting with the help of pleasing animations.

    Once you have learned the basic words, you can further improve your vocabulary by learning Synonyms and Antonyms of frequently used words.

    As you progress further, spice up your conversations by learning to use Idioms and Proverbs in your interactions with others.

    So, go ahead and download Learn English app right now and start learning the language and enhance your vocabulary further to take your knowledge of English to the next level.

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