Learn French Phrases




    Here's a quick an easy way to learn French with these basic French speaking lessons.
    This app contains 22 sections, each with an extensive phrase collection.
    A wide variety of topics are covered in a fun and easy to understanad way.

    - French Alphabet
    - Basic expressions part 1
    - Basic expressions part 2
    - Cardinal Numbers 1
    - Cardinal Numbers 2
    - Ordinal Numbers part 1
    - Ordinal Numbers part 2
    - How to ask for the time
    - How to tell the date
    - The Days of the week
    - The Months of the year
    - The Four Seasons
    - The Four Directions
    - Colours
    - Subject Pronouns
    - Object Pronouns
    - Family Vocabulary 1
    - Family Vocabulary 2
    - Animals Names part 1
    - Animals Names part 2
    - Fruits Names part 1
    - Fruits Names part 2

    'Learn French Now' is for English speaking beginners who want to learn

    the basics French speaking.

    - Our app contains:
    - over 400 phrases , expressions and vocabulary with pronunciation
    - High quality audio recorded by a native speaker

    The best part is no internet connection is required to use the app and it's less that 4MB!
    The app also supports 2 languages, Arabic and English as default. This means not only can the French phrases can be translated into either of these two languages but you can also diplay the interface in both as well.
    Begin hearing and understanding native speakers now!

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