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    Learn to Read - Kids! is one of the best designed apps you'll find for young children who are learning to read. Developed by a mom who is currently teaching 2 children to read, the app presents 6 fun activities designed to get your child using letters to form sentences quickly. Fun, fast, and effective at teaching small kids to read! Contains many helpful features such as setting letters to uppercase or lowercase in each activity, letter hints in places, the ability to turn REBUS style images on and off in the Sentence Wheel, and a reward system of stars and coins, which can be used to play a fun dress up game. Contains nearly 300 vocabulary and sight words in the PRESENT TENSE, with both the singular and plural form of each noun in the app.

    Key Skills We Teach:

    - phonemic awareness
    - uppercase and lowercase recognition
    - 3, 4, and 5 letter words
    - 3, 4, and 5 word sentences
    - sight words
    - rebus image sentences
    - word building
    - sentence building

    Includes these 6 activities:

    An audiovisual learning activity which focuses on teaching
    your child both uppercase and lowercase for each letter.

    Word Builder:
    An audio activity which sounds out a word,
    then encourages the child to spell out the word.

    Word Scramble:
    A "play to learn" activity where word learning
    is reinforced through re-arranging a scrambled word.

    Find the Word!
    learning word identification through listening and choosing
    the correct word.

    Sentence Wheel:
    A fun slot machine type game to
    build sentences and practice saying them.

    Sentence Builder:
    Move the word tiles into place to build the correct sentence

    You'll find that this app contains a system that takes your child through all of the stages of learning to read and create sentences. Great not only for pre-readers, but also for older kids who are still struggling with reading. Our app is organized and well laid out, uses a 5 level system and keeps track of all activities completed, to help give the child a sense of accomplishment. After working with our app for a while, we want your child to say "hey mom and dad, I can do it! I can really read!"


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