Learn with Rufus: Fun & Games




    Have fun with this collection of diversions from our other apps!

    When the studying is done, or simply a brain-break is needed, pull this app out for a little fun and frivolity.

    We have taken the "toys" from each of our previous Learn with Rufus apps and brought them all together in one delightful, little, FREE package. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did putting them together:

    Learn with Rufus: Boys and Girls - Touch the screen to create glowing rings!
    Learn with Rufus: Feelings and Emotions - Create and save pictures with the fingerpainting app!
    Learn with Rufus: Groups and Categories - Move a spinning top around the screen!
    Learn with Rufus: Numbers and Counting - Pop the balloons before they fly off the screen!

    Customizable features include:

    Languages - Choose between English and Spanish.
    Sounds - Turn the sound effects and music on or off.

    For Ages 2 & Up

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