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    Learners Logbook is an efficient, easy & safe method of recording your driver experience record as a Learner driver across ALL Australian States. Maintain both an electronic and paper based backup of driver experience record from your Android device.

    Depending on which state you reside, Learners Logbook records all information required by your state authority, such as
    • distance traveled
    • start & end times
    • trip place names
    • road, traffic and weather conditions

    All calculations required in your log book are performed automatically.

    The application records the start and end times of your trip and calculates your trip duration. If GPS is enabled on your device it will also record your distance traveled and calculate your end odometer reading.

    Additionally it will insert trip place names (when GPS is used) if required in your logbook. All you have to do is enter the initial odometer reading at the beginning of your trip. At the end of the trip you select what road, weather and traffic conditions apply and what split, if any, between day and night hours driven.

    All details can be edited either at the end of a trip or at any time by selecting an individual logbook record from within the trip logs.

    State Specific Features
    Every trip saved has an associated supervisor record. If that supervisor is an accredited supervisor, for NSW all hours driven with that supervisor will be multiplied by three up to a maximum of 30 hours. These hours, along with all day & night hour totals will be shown in the log book summary screen.

    You can publish your logbook at any time. Publishing creates a high quality PDF document that is nearly identical to the format of the manually printed log book. The number of lines on the report are the same as those within the manual logbook, which allows the transposing of all details and totals into the hand written log.

    The logbook is emailed to the address stored within the learner details record of the application.

    This application can be used as the basis for completing your handwritten logbook.

    *** NOTE: ***

    1. Ensure you enter your correct state within your Learner Details. The data captured and the logbook that is published is different for each state in Australia.

    2. Although nearly identical with the paper based logbook, your relevant state authority does not currently accept the PDF output of this app in place of the hand written driver experience record.

    3. When using this app we recommend the use of a cradle with your phone connected to a power source in your vehicle. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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