Learning AutoCAD 2014

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    Learning AutoCAD 2014

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    Learn AutoCAD 2014 quickly and easily with this comprehensive training video from Infinite Skills.

    - built specifically for Android devices
    - over 14 hours of content
    - 120 individual lessons
    - professionally edited and produced
    - taught by expert trainer Brian Benton
    - includes working files FREE

    In this AutoCAD 2014 training course from expert author Brian Benton, you will learn the basics of using the tools and techniques available to you in this CAD software program. AutoCAD is one of the most popular CAD programs available today, and with these training videos, you will become comfortable and capable with 2D AutoCAD drafting.

    The lessons in this AutoCAD tutorial are designed for the beginner, and do not assume you have any prior experience in AutoCAD. You are introduced to the software step by step, and each tutorial builds on the previous. You will work with the author throughout the course with the files he has provided, reinforcing each lesson by practicing it right in the AutoCAD 2014 software. Some of the features and tools you will learn include; object selection, drawing and drafting tools, editing tools, measuring and precision tools, how to use layers, annotations, blocks, the difference between paper and model space, as well as plotting and publishing your drawings.

    Using short, 3-5 minute movies, you will not be forced to sit for hours at a time, forgetting the first thing you learned! Instead, you can watch as many or as few videos as you like, on your own personal schedule. You don't need any additional software, in fact, you don't even need AutoCAD in order to learn how to use it (although we do recommend it...).

    * includes working files you can download to your computer and use with AutoCAD as you watch the training on your Android device
    * 120 individual tutorial videos broken into comprehensive chapters and movies - over 14 hours in total
    * watch the training sequentially, or jump around to points of interest - you are in control
    * Streaming video - so you are not taking up a huge amount of space on your device

    Course Outline:

    Chapter 1. Getting Started With AutoCAD 2014
    Chapter 2. New Features In AutoCAD 2014
    Chapter 3. Interfacing With AutoCAD
    Chapter 4. Basic Operations
    Chapter 5. Drawing And Drafting Tools
    Chapter 6. Editing Tools
    Chapter 7. Utilities: Tools To Know What Is Going On
    Chapter 8. Precision Tools: Tricks To Help You Draw Accurately
    Chapter 9. AutoCAD: Using Layers
    Chapter 10. Annotations
    Chapter 11. Blocks
    Chapter 12. Model And Paper Space
    Chapter 13. Plot And Publish
    Chapter 14. Final Project
    Chapter 15. About The Author

    Once you have completed this AutoCAD 2014 software training course, you will be capable of drafting and publishing basic 2D AutoCAD drawings. You will be familiar with the tools that AutoCAD has to offer, and how you can use them for your own projects. You will also be fully prepared to continue on to the Infinite Skills Advanced AutoCAD 2014 training course.

    An internet connection is required to watch this training, as the video is streamed to your device on demand.

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