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    Learning the Alphabet

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    Do you want your child to have a leading edge in school?
    This application is for children from age 4 to 8 that wants to learn all the letters in the alphabet in a fun way.

    This is an application that teaches your child to write all the large and small letters in the alphabet.
    The application makes it fun to learn the letters and how to write them.
    We have emanated from the correct way of writing each letter, the same way that the teachers teach.
    They are also going to learn how to recognize words, by seeing one picture and then pick the word that matches the picture.
    The application also teaches the child to distinguish a letter from other letters.

    The application is completely childproof if the first thing you do is to set the password that hinders your child from exiting the application. We have locked the sound control, so the child can't change the sound volume. So edit the sound level that you want before starting the application.
    We recommend that if you don't want your child to answer the phone if it rings, that you put your phone on flight-mode.

    There are three different difficulties that you can change in the settings. This will change how exact you have to write to get the letter right.Hard can even be challenging for adults!
    We recommend that your child starts at Easy, and the advance when done with all the letters. Hard can even be challenging for adults!

    If you have any suggestions or problems send us an email to

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