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    This version will be removed from the market very soon. Instead download the new version on Google play.

    This French-Nufi dictionary ​​is the first electronic dictionary in a cameroonian language. It is completely free. After installing, start searching words alphabetically. Start searching words beginning with a, then b, until z. We are going to fix that bug in the future versions.
    The special characters are displayed only on Android version 4.0 and above.

    To support this work, please contribute by purchasing the PC version of the dictionary that contains the definition of words along with pronunciations. To do this go to

    Carried out by Mr. Rodrigue Tchamna, this dictionary is based on the Nufi's dictionary "Ŋwɑ'ni pahsi" published in 1970. Words preceded by the sign (*), (5102 words out of 10,050), are the personal contributions of the author.

    It contains a very diverse range of vocabulary, covering almost all areas of life, and is intended to be enriched progressively.

    Nufi, also called fe'efe'e, is a Southern Bantoid language spoken in West Cameroon. It belongs to the group of Bamileke's (Grassfields) languages.

    KeyWords: African Languages, Bantu Languages, Cameroon Languages, Bamileke languages, Fe'efe'e, Bafang, Nufi, Bana, Haut-Nkam, Grassfield, Minor Languages.

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