Let's explore! Animal scope 3+




    Free Game App for kids education. Children can develop curiosity and recognition through searching and discovering living creatures in various habitats with this app.
    Kids can learn species in connection with their living environment, such as tropical rain forest and sea. You can use this app for a pictorial book as well.
    This app gives inspiration especially to children living in a city and having less opportunity encountering animals and insects.
    You can enjoy all of these features for free. No add-ons, No additional cost required.

    [Who can enjoy this app?]
    Children between the age of three and six.
    The app is suitable for kids of all ages. Images in the app are simple and recognizable for infants and the app contains lots of popular objects among children.

    [How To Play]
    Tap the screen to enlarge the image. Tap where you think animals are hiding.
    You can find different animals in each stage. Refer to the top of the screen for animals living in the stage. Think where they live and explore their habitat. Some of the creatures are not always hiding in the same place. Search thoroughly or you cannot find some of the animals. If you find all animals in the stage, you can move to the next one! Can you find all the animals?

    *Select the stage*
    You have 3 Stages to choose from, Mountain, Ocean, Jungle

    *Living Creatures in stages*
    (Mountain) Animals and Insects
    cow, dog, cat, sheep, chick, beetle, flog
    (Ocean) Marine animals
    crab, turtle, dolphin, seal, shellfish, anemone fish, hermit crab
    (Jungle) Animals
    lion, monkey, elephant, gorilla, flamingo, sloth, snake

    [What can you expect from this app?]
    - provide kids living in an urban area with an opportunity to see the animals and their living environment.
    - fulfill kids’ adventurous spirit, especially for boys loving animals and insects.
    - stop your child from crying.
    - fill your kid's attention when you are busy
    - help you pass the time when you are in the queue or in transport.
    - help you have a great time with your kids.
    How much you enjoy this app depends on you.

    ○About Kidzapplanet○
    Kidzapplanet is an application brand providing educational smartphone applications for kids between the age of zero and six to help them develop their sensibility and intellectual ability.

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