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    This application is a FAST translator application from 18 different languages to Swedish. It is a front end application of the swedish translator lexin ( and it needs internet connection in order to fetch the data.

    NEW: Open Source Code. Download at:

    NEW: Support of Offline Swedish to English translation. Now
    the user can select the database that suits his/hers needs. More databases are comming.

    NEW: Support of English from (

    Features include saving the words, listening, and different types of visualization of the saved words.

    This application is for the users that need a faster way to get the translation than using lexin's web page.

    Supported languages are:
    - albanska
    - arabiska
    - azerbajdzjanska
    - bosniska
    - engelska
    - grekiska
    - finska
    - kroatiska
    - nordkurdiska
    - persiska
    - ryska
    - serbiska (lat)
    - serbiska (kyr)
    - somaliska
    - spanska
    - svenska
    - sydkurdiska
    - turkiska

    Please support us in case of bugs and email them to us at:
    s.lexinandroid (_at_)

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