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    Release 6 Ver. SP 1.2 -- INTRODUCTION PRICE

    Does life end after high school? NO! What will you do or become? Do you have what it takes to make millions? Find out!!! EXPLORE your destiny -- your furture life alternatives. Play Life Goes On Simulator and find out now!

    Marry? Children? Make millions? Be a success, or failure? Encounter a disabling illness? Who knows? But, what can YOU do about it? Take charge of your life, that’s what! You make your own decisions, react to life's events, and accept what life has to offer.

    Scores and Progress Charts record your success are provided. Compare with friends. Lead multiple lives – simulator allows for more than one player.

    The Life Goes On Sim Android Release 5, for 4” smartphone displays and tablets, is an application that can serve as a shared learning vehicle between the counselor and the teenager. The simulation will present events and developments generated in the APP that can serve as talking points relating to the event, such as, I am pregnant but don’t want the baby, or why can’t I get a raise, etc. What happens in the game life can be rationalized by real-life events. And, the simulator, as a widely accepted entertainment device, can serve to encourage teens to become part of the course, class or seminar, and to internalize the events and personality of the Player.
    Life Goes On is a unique, serious educational simulation of growing up in America. Appropriate for your teens, the ones that can't be told anything! Know the feeling? Let your teen play the game and see for himself what Life may await them. It can be played by more than one player, or the teen who wants to experience "alternate selves". "Life scores" — successes in Life — are available based on several criteria, and not on the basis of financial status alone. Historical Progress Charts for game scores and Income are provided to show the growth and progress made toward your goals.

    Please see my Facebook page Lifegoesonsim for more information. You may need to scroll down and read the descriptive posts.

    Short description

    This program simulates, in a non-professional manner, life experiences here in the USA. Six dimensions, or aspects, of life are presented:

    1. EDUCATION -- graduating high school through postgraduate school. Awards can be won. You can also be dropped from school for poor performance.

    2. FAMILY -- becoming engaged, marriage, divorce, children, abortion & adoption. Spouses may or may not work.

    3. CAREERS -- Part-time work for school as well as a number of industries are allowed. Promotions, bonuses, terminations, closed businesses and quitting are some of the events/decisions.

    4. FINANCIAL -- Each year a budget is presented showing income and expenses as well as a financial status of what is owned and owed. You will be forced to become financially sound. Cars, houses, investment and a college fund are some categories for decision-making. Other categories are pre-calculated.

    5. CRISES -- Although we don't like it, at some point in time in our life a crisis occurs. For the moment, the time and cause of death are pre-calculated. Other crises will be added in later versions: aids, drugs, stealing money to support a negative cash flow.

    6. SOCIAL -- This dimension deals with social relationships; such as, club membership, sports teams, children and marriage expenses, retirement home costs, etc. (To be added).

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