Light Reflection & Refraction

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    This book is for grade-10 students. The book contains basic concepts related to light reflection & refraction. All the concepts are explained with colourful images. At the end of the book good no of practice questions are also included.
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    Nature of light, theory of light, rectilinear propagation of light, reflection of light: regular & irregular reflection, laws of reflection, reflection of light on plane surface, characteristic of image formed by a plane mirror, use of plane mirrors, Reflection at spherical surface or mirrors, Concave & Convex mirrors, Terminologies associated with spherical mirrors, Sign Convention for Spherical Mirrors, Formation of Image by Concave Mirrors, Formation of Image by Convex Mirrors, Use of Concave & Convex mirrors, Mirror formula and magnification, Refraction of light, Cause of Refraction, Optically Rarer and Denser Medium, Laws of Refraction of Light, Refraction through a Rectangular Glass Prism, Lateral Displacement, Principle of Reversibility of Light, Real and Apparent Depth, Optical Phenomenon due to Refraction, Multiple Images in Thick Glass Mirror, Total Internal Reflection, critical angle, Conditions for total internal reflection, Relation between Critical Angle and Refractive Index, Factors affecting Critical Angle, Simple effects of Total Internal Reflection, Total Internal Reflection in Prism, Isosceles Right-Angled Glass Prism, Erecting or Non-Deviating Prism, Applications of Total Internal Reflection, Deviation of light by a Prism, angle of minimum deviation, use of Total Internal Reflection in Prism, Periscope, Binoculars, Optical Fibre, Spherical Lens, Classification of lens: Convex & Concave, Convergent Action of Convex Lens, Divergent Action of Concave Lens, Terminology Used in Spherical Lenses, Sign Convention for Spherical Lenses, Rules for obtaining geometric construction of images formed by a convex and cancave lens, Formation of Image by a Convex and cancave Lens, Determination of focal length of convex lens by a plane mirror method, Lens Formula, Magnification, Power of a lens

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