Here is a painless way for the algebra student to develop proficiency in solving simultaneous linear equations. Here is a drill program that leads the student through 8 steps to solve 2 simultaneous linear equations with 2 unknowns. These 8 steps would be a tedious exercise with pencil and paper. Even worse, a single error at one of the steps would not be detected until the problem was finished, and the student would be left with the unpleasant exercise of re-doing the whole problem in order to find out what went wrong. This app (Linear2) will check each of the 8 intermediate steps and provide immediate feedback to the student. The values of the 2 unknowns and the 4 coefficients in the equations are randomly generated so that there are several hundred thousand possible combinations, and it is extremely unlikely that the student will see the same problem twice.

    This new version (2.0) is a little more user friendly and prevents crashes from faulty user input.

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