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    LSAT Timer features three functions in a beautiful, user-friendly interface: Timer, Review, and Drill
    LSAT Timer function proctors an entire practice test, including the mid-test break
    • Flexibility allows you to start any section at any point in that section
    • Saves progress when app is closed
    • Keeps timing even when the screen is turned off
    • Alarm (optional) that gives five minute audio & vibration reminder
    • Distraction noises (optional) to simulate a real testing environment

    LSAT Review function with test scoring and analysis for all available LSAT practice tests
    • Can score all LSAT practice tests up to # 71, converting your raw score into its scaled score for that test
    • Remembers both answers and scores, allowing you to monitor your LSAT score performance over time
    • Provides score analysis by question type (logical reasoning, logic games, or reading comprehension)
    • Provides score analysis by section number

    LSAT Drill function with custom timers to improve score on sections, mini-sections or logic games
    • Includes custom timers for: 35:00, 32:00, 29:00, 8:45, 8:00, and 7:15
    This app's LSAT Timer tab will help you simulate the LSAT test day experience by acting as a proctor for each section of a practice LSAT and providing the same kind of breaks that you can expect to receive on test day. Timing and pacing are crucial for the LSAT, and mastering them by taking practice tests under timed conditions will go a long way towards helping you achieve your target score.

    After you finish taking your practice LSAT, enter in your answers in the LSAT Review tab to instantly score and analyze your exam performance with your official score. LSAT Timer will remember your responses, and by entering in all of your practice test scores, you can analyze your areas of weakness.

    Use the LSAT Drill tab to practice timing and pacing for individual sections, miniature sections, logic games (LG), reading comprehension (RC) paragraphs, or logical reasoning (LR) questions.


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