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    Application can make use to create the Mandelbrot set, even wallpaper, and movies!

    This app will display imaging to calculate the fractal Mandelbrot set is the most typical. Detailed description of the Mandelbrot set, please refer to wikipedia, etc. .

    • The display has been expanded with a focus on the position of the image is touched and to touch the screen. The enlargement ratio can be changed in the Setting-1. To do other, please press the menu button.

    · Stop / Recalc
    If during the calculation, then stop the calculation, if it is not during the calculation is performed to recalculate the current parameters.
    · Setting-1
    Display the Setting-1 Dialog
    · Setting-2
    Display the Setting-2 Dialog
    · Save Image
    To save the current image to SDCard
    · Auto Zoom
    Automatically creates an image to enlarge (or shrink) in a certain ratio of the current image.
    · Remove Ad
    And then hide the ads.

    · Max Calc
    Calculation of the maximum number of times until the convergence criterion. If you did not diverge even if the number of times this calculation, it is considered as convergence. The setting range is 1 to 9999
    · Curren Scale
    Represents the display magnification. Magnification of the initial screen is 1. The setting range is 1.0 ~ 1e13
    · X:
    Represents the real part of the formula MndelBrot. On the terminal will be in a downward direction. The setting range is -2.0 to 2.0.
    · Y:
    Represents the imaginary part of the formula of MndelBrot. On the terminal will be in the right direction. The setting range is -2.0 to 2.0.
    · Image zize
    Specifies the size of the image you want to create. To create the image of the same number of pixels of the screen and the terminal at the Full. Respectively, the number of pixels of one side will be 1/2, 1/4 Half, in Quota.
    If you click the Set Configuration screen -1, recalculation of the image is performed.
    <-2> Settings
    · Display Interval
    Specifies whether to display an image How often during the creation of the image. The setting range is from 0 to 100.
    Do not show the progress and set to 0.

    · Touch Screen Factor
    Sets the magnification when you touch the screen. The setting range is from 1.0 to 10.0
    · Auto Zoom Factor
    When the Auto Zoom, and then set the rate of (de-) magnification of each image once. The setting range is from 0.1 to 10.0 except for the 1.0.
    · Auto Save in Auto Zoom
    When this flag on, it was all the images stored on the SDCard is automatically created in the Auto Zoom.

    Save the image as well as to save the calculation parameters.

    • Create an image to enlarge (or shrink) at a ratio to secure the center position, that you set in the Setting-2.
    If you turn on the Auto save in auto zoom, automatically saves all the images you have created.

    • Displays images continuously created above

    • The display and non-ad

    • The completely stop this program.

    • Remove all the images that you created in this application

    -Color scheme is using the color 20 colors. Region of convergence is black. Divergence in the region has become the generally higher number of bright colors to the calculation of divergence.

    It takes more time to the extent of the maximum number of calculations is large. In addition, the longer it will take the image size is large enough.

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