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    **Important: this app is for customers that have purchased the Mango Passport
    learning system through Mango Languages’ website.

    Available Languages for English Speakers:

    • Chinese (Mandarin)
    • French
    • German
    • Greek
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Thai
    • Turkish
    • Vietnamese

    Available English Courses:

    • English for Portuguese Speakers
    • English for Cantonese Chinese Speakers
    • English for French Speakers
    • English for German Speakers
    • English for Greek Speakers
    • English for Italian Speakers
    • English for Japanese Speakers
    • English for Korean Speakers
    • English for Polish Speakers
    • English for Russian Speakers
    • English for Spanish Speakers
    • English for Turkish Speakers

    About Mango

    Mango Languages, a leading provider of foreign language learning solutions, teaches real-life conversation skills for practical communication. Through fun, engaging and interactive lessons, Mango makes learning a new language fast, easy and incredibly effective.

    Mango's unique methodology, Intuitive Language Construction, mimics the
    natural process in which people learn by presenting material through practical
    conversations. Every lesson incorporates the four conversational components
    that are critical to effective communication in a foreign language: vocabulary,
    pronunciation, grammar and culture.

    Through critical thinking and memory exercises, Mango's system increases the
    user's ability to retain and use what is learned. By listening to and repeating
    content recorded by native speakers, students learn more than just new words
    and phrases – they learn how to rearrange and combine language components
    to construct new thoughts, hold conversations, and achieve more practical
    communication. Because Mango is self-paced, students learn at their own speed and can repeat and review as needed.

    Built to be both effective and fun, Mango Languages provides students with the
    ability to navigate all sorts of everyday situations – like getting directions, ordering a meal, or making new friends – in no time at all!

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